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Artists Only

Here are all the details you need, and some you don’t. If you have questions, please call the appropriate contact below.

Contact Info

Towne Crier Cafe
379 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508-3014
Phone 845-855-1300
Fax 845-765-1632

Phil Ciganer, Proprietor, General Manager
Phone 845-855-1300

Once show is confirmed, please send promotional info (including Website, jpeg, bio, etc.) to Kate Goldsmith (kate@townecrier.com, who posts shows to our website and handles our PR, including Facebook.

Production/Advance Assistant
Nick DiGiaimo

Theatre Specs

Seating Capacity
Main Listening Room: 150 seats
Additional seating with opening of Modern Fold acoustic partition: 90 seats
Total: 240 seats

Stage Dimensions
28’ wide x 12’ deep x 2’ high (with 2′ extensions on sides, downstage)
Additional wing for grand piano when not used

Most artists with one or two loads find it convenient to park in our main parking lot at the rear of the building, where our show entrance is (use kitchen entrance if show entrance is closed). Dedicated TCC load-in street parking (70′) is on Veterans Place, right next to the load-in door, which is next to the stage. No need to move for the night. For load-in door access, first enter our show entrance or kitchen at the rear of the building; or call 845-855-1300 when you arrive (we cannot leave this special entrance open). A stage ramp for ultra-heavy equipment is stored under our stage, near the door.

Dressing Room
Dressing room is adjacent to stage with private bathroom.

In-house high-speed wi-fi internet available throughout building. Password is posted just inside the dressing room.

Stage Lighting

  • 16x Lumin Lights Mini Q710 (7×10 watt quad chip LEDs, RGBW)
  • 7x Lumin Lights Ogre Bar 16 (RGB strip lights)
  • myDMX 2.0 software controller running on Dell 22″ integrated touch screen (with numerous program presets)



  • Shure SM58 x3
  • Shure SM58 Beta x2
  • Shure SM57 x5
  • AKG 1000 x1
  • Sennheiser E 965 x1
  • Sennheiser E 935 x6
  • Sennheiser E 902 x2
  • Sennheiser E 901 x1
  • Sennheiser E 614 x4
  • Sennheiser E 914 x4
  • Sennheiser E 904 x4
  • Sennheiser E 906 x4
  • Sennheiser E 905 x2
  • Sennheiser E 835 x2

Mixing Console (FOH & Monitors)
Soundcraft SI3 Performer 3 (32 channel)
Operational overview videos: http://www.soundcraft.com/support/videos.aspx?c=1&vid=117

RCF NX 12-SMA x6
10 returns to the stage

Main Speaker System
Meyer Sound Labs M1D subs & array elements (self-powered) L&R, flown
Meyers 500 with 15″ drivers L&R, flown
QSC K10 flown center fills (2)

System Controllers
Protia 4.8 SP x2

House Backline Equipment

Wm. Knabe WG-59 grand piano (acoustic)

Hammond B3 organ w/Leslie

Yamaha YDP-140 Digital Piano

Gretsch G6163 Executive Guitar Amp by Victoria Amp Company
(similar to Fender Pro; sounds very nice)
specs: 20W, 1-5AR4, 2-6V6, 3-12AX7, 2-12AT7, one 15″ Eminence Legend, reverb, tremolo, Groove Tubes

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120

Hartke LH1000 bass head with Hartke HyDrive 410 bass cab

Crate model B 150 by SLM, w/15″ EV (keyboard amp that also works very well on bass)

SWR Engineering SM400 bass amp w/ Hartke 115 Bass Module cab

Standard Load-In/ Sound Check Times

Fridays & Saturdays
Load-in: 3:30 PM
Sound Check: 4:00 PM
Doors must open: 5:30 PM

Sundays – Thursdays
Load-in: 3:00 PM
Sound Check: 3:30 PM
Doors must open: 5:00 PM

Show times are 8:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, 7:30 Sunday-Thursday.


We are a well-reviewed restaurant, and a band menu will be offered with a selection of dishes. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions when ordering after sound check.


Ask for the TCC rate ($58+tax; includes a breakfast) at…
Magnuson Hotel Fishkill
(formerly named Days Inn Hotel)
Route 9 (near I-84)
Fishkill, NY


  • A well-lighted area between the stage and dressing room is available for sales of CDs, Tapes, T-shirts, etc. after the performance unless otherwise prearranged.
  • 15% commission if artist sells
  • 25% if Towne Crier provides seller (independent contractor – advance notice required)