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Open Mic Nights

Come out and play!

FREE every Monday & Wednesday at 7 PM unless otherwise noted
Monday host: Beacon’s own Miss Vickie. Wednesday: Don Lowe.

Cira Montreys at Open Mic Night

We love singers and songwriters — and musicians and entertainers of all types — and we’re proud to support them with the most artist-friendly open mic around:

It’s a listening room. The audience has always been focused respectfully on the performers, not yakking over their drinks.

It’s the real thing. Our open mic performers play under real theatrical lighting and through a top-tier sound system.

There’s room to grow. Many open mic regulars go on to perform in Towne Crier showcases and as opening acts. Some have even gone on to become headliners.

Open Mic Night guidelines

  • We supply PA, cables, mics, DI boxes, lighted music stand and a qualified sound person.
  • Yes, Elton, a piano keyboard is available.
  • You get to play two reasonable-length songs or for up to 10 minutes.
  • If your band or group requires set-up, please arrive by 6:30 and see the host.
  • If you’ll need to play recorded sound through our system, please bring playback equipment and connectors. See the host when you arrive.
  • For fire safety reasons, please store your guitar, cases and other gear in the designated area.
  • Although music is our focus, poetry, comedy, dance and performance art is allowed—within reason. Please let the host know what you will be performing.

How to sign up (same day only)

  • In person: Show up between 5pm and 7pm and put your name on the sign-up list.
  • No phone or email sign-ups, please. Really.
  • Sign-up once the show has started is at the host’s discretion.

Some tips for performers

  • Be tuned up and ready to take the stage when it’s your turn.
  • Stay close to the mic. It is your friend.
  • When it’s not your turn, do that Golden Rule thing.
  • After you play, the polite thing to do is stick around and listen to others. And you’re polite, right?
  • Be positive and encouraging in your comments. It takes guts to stand up and play your heart out, and everyone deserves props for doing that.
  • Everyone makes mistakes, blows chords, forgets lyrics sometimes. Don’t worry and don’t apologize.
  • Keep coming back. You’ll get better and better…
  •  …and bring your friends to cheer you on.